Sean Christian Dampier

Sean is a Northeast Florida based oil painter. He has worked for years as a Creative Director at a prestigious digital marketing firm and has built websites since 1999. Working in the digital realm drove him to take up painting as a true creative outlet to produce ‘real-world’ art and share it with other.

He lives with his lovely wife and children in Ponte Vedra, Fl

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

Artist Statement

My desire is to simply bring more beauty in the world in ways that keep me inspired and move others. It is all about CONNECTION.

I am drawn toward the romantic and the poetic, and hope that my paintings connect with the viewer viscerally and intuitively – while each work has a back story, it is never as important as the feeling one gets from a painting and the art lover’s own interaction. Heart over intellect. 

I refer to my style as ‘Romantic Realism’. I am inspired and take influence from a wide array of genres and subjects and constantly amazed at the process of laying down little abstract pieces of paint to form a fully realized picture – for me it’s like a form of alchemic magic!

I work primary in oils and lately have explored figurative, equine, florals and landscapes. My style could be called ‘contemporary realism’, with nod towards Impressionism. I love playing with the line between representation and abstraction, and believe that underlying any strong painting is a strong abstract. I paint with mix of blend and precision drawing with big textures and juicy blobs of paint, working with both brushes and pallet knives.

I have had my artwork published with a major provider of art reproductions for hospitality and interior design industries, as well as appearing on the hit TV show “Glee”. I produce gallery work as well as private commissions.

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